Most of our sales of sawdust is used for animal bedding. The advantages of using sawdust for animal bedding is that sawdust absorbs urine very rapidly. In addition, sawdust can absorb and hold a large volume of urine. This greatly slows down the chemical breakdown of urine into Ammonia by bacteria, thereby greatly reducing both the health issues associated with Ammonia and the unpleasant smell of Ammonia.
The rapid absorption means that all the urine tends to be absorbed where the animal pees, rather than spreading out and soiling bedding over a large area (a problem which often happens with straw).  

In addition, sawdust tends to coat and dry out feces, preventing them from soiling a larger area (or sticking to the animals coat when it lies down). In combination, this means that daily cleaning of a stall requires removal of only a small amount of sawdust and some feces rather than cleaning out all the bedding (which occurs with less absorbent bedding materials such as straw).  The associated labour of transporting and storing soiled bedding is accordingly correspondingly reduced, as well as back-filling with clean bedding. Consequently, the labour associated with sawdust bedding is relatively low and one of its major advantages.

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