Buyers of Standing Timber


We appreciate all land owners in Mason County and the surrounding counties who put their trust in our operation year after year. McCormick Sawmills know that when you sell your standing timber, you want to optimize the potential of your forestland. Land owners are our number one priority and our expert timber buyers know how to insure you that your timber sales will exceed your expectations.

When selling your timber to McCormick Sawmills you can expect:

  1. One of our experienced timber buyers will deal with you directly.
  2. You get quality, selective havesting of your timber.
  3. We do not get a commission from your timber (what we offer you, you will get).
  4. We are completely insured (Liablility and Workmen’s Compensation) feel free to ask about our coverage when we purchase your timber.
  5. We will give you a free estimate.
  6. The land owner helps make decisions on what timeber is to be cut. We enjoy walking through the woods with the land owner. It’s your property and you should be able to help with any decisions about cutting it. Our timber buyers will give you their expert advice to help with your decision.



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